January 28, 2008

3 Amazing Photoshop Backgrounds!

This website is dedicated to brining you Free Photoshop Backgrounds and Photoshop Borders, but today I am going to show you 3 Amazing Photoshop Backgrounds you can make in seconds! It’s so easy to make these Photoshop Backgrounds you are going to flip! I got these Photoshop Backgrounds from Photoshop Tutorials Plus and used all three for client Dvd menus!

Easy Photoshop Backgrounds 1  photoshop textures, photoshop backgrounds, photoshop borders

  • Start with a white background.
  • Click on the Foreground colour in the toolbox. In the Color Picker, choose a light blue. OK.
  • Have white as the background colour.
  • Press G for the Gradient tool.
  • In the top options bar, select the Diamond Gradient.
  • Also in the options bar, set Mode to Difference.
  • Drag the cursor over a small portion of the background.
  • Drag the cursor over a different portion of the background. The colour will reverse on each occasion.
  • Drag the cursor over the background as many times as you fancy.

All the Gradient variations can be used to make Photoshop backgrounds. It might just be white at the bottom merging into a dark colour at the top, drawn with the Linear Gradient; or it might be like the shape on the right, drawn with the Radial Gradient to show a bit of depth and distance.

Easy Photoshop Backgrounds 2 Pphotoshop textures, photoshop backgrounds, photoshop borders

  • Start with a white background.
  • Press D for the default colours in the toolbox.
  • Go to Filter > Render > Clouds.
  • If you are not happy with that particular smokey pattern, repeat the filter with Ctrl + F / Cmd + F.
  • The filter will use any colours which are in the toolbox.
  • Difference Clouds applies Difference mode to the layer.

Easy Photoshop Backgrounds 3photoshop textures, photoshop backgrounds, photoshop borders

Under Filter > Sketch, Halftone Pattern gives a choice of effects.The sample on the right uses Circle. Photoshop backgrounds can also be created with the Dot and Line options.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on making Amazing Photoshop Backgrounds. If you really want to add some Wow to these Photoshop Backgrounds check out this book The Photoshop 7 Wow! Book (WOW!) It is amazing! The emphasis here is on results—how to produce the best work in the fewest steps possible. And sometimes that means using techniques even Adobe hasn’t thought of, such as the Wow! Media Painting and Layer Style techniques introduced here. Stay tuned for my next post on even more Free Photoshop Backgrounds and Photoshop Borders!

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January 26, 2008

Free Photoshop Backgrounds and Borders!

An Introduction My name is Stephen Hockman and I created this website to provide others with Free Photoshop Backgrounds and Photoshop Borders. I have been using Photoshop professionally for over 5 years and as a fellow Photoshop user I know how hard it can be to create a stunning project on a tight deadline. Like every graphic artist, I find myself searching the internet for hours on end just to find Free Photoshop Backgrounds and Photoshop Borders to make my designs more appealing for clients. So, as a Free service to other Photoshop users, I created this website to make finding Photoshop Backgrounds and Photoshop Borders really easy.

Here you will find everything you need to create award winning projects!

At the end of each posting I will also provide a link to additional materials that will help you enhance the Free Photoshop Backgrounds and Photoshop Borders I provide you with. These materials will consist of books, plug ins, and/or software that are not very expensive and will take your Photoshop Skills to the next level.

Bookmark this page and come back often as I update this content on a regular basis.

Check back daily in order to get all of the Free Photoshop Backgrounds and Photoshop Borders to use at your disposal.

Recommended Books and Software for Every Photoshop User

I’d like to end this post by recommending several items for you pick up. After being in the business for over 5 years, and talking with other professionals, it’s been agreed upon that there are several resources that every Photoshop user must have on their shelf. These few items will help you make the best of the Free Photoshop Backgrounds and Photoshop Borders given to you on this website.

If you don’t already own the Photoshop books and training Dvds below then click on their links to purchase them for cheap from Amazon.com. They have boosted my career and others in so many ways that they are considered must haves in the industry.


Photoshop Type Effects Visual Encyclopedia

The ultimate rich resource for amazing type design with Photoshop. It walks users step-by-step through complete details for designing professional level type effects. These text effects are look amainzg along side the Free Photoshop Backgrounds and Photoshop Borders found on this website!


Photoshop CS Bible
In this international bestseller, McClelland shows you how to master every aspect of Photoshop CS – from image-editing basics to new techniques for working with the File Browser, layer comps, Lens Blur, Match Color, the color replacement tool, customizable keyboard shortcuts, camera raw images, and more. This book has showed me countless methods of manipulating Photoshop Backgrounds into Photoshop Borders!


Phostoshop for Video

If you buy only one book to improve your Photoshop-video graphics capabilities, make it this. Video professionals finally have a Photoshop book to call their own—a wealth of tips and techniques. Learn how to create motion graphics from the Free Photoshop Backgrounds and Photoshop Borders on this website!


Total Training for Adobe Photoshop CS

Total Training Adobe Photoshop CS2 is the indispensable tool for mastering Adobe’s flagship program. Discover just how much you can do with the software, and how easy it can be — once you study under an expert, learning the tricks and techniques they use. This Dvd set shows will take your Photoshop Backgrounds and Photoshop Borders to the next level!

I’ve put together this website to show other Photoshop users where to find Free Photoshop Backgrounds Photoshop Borders and more.

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